Who Am I?

Hey guys! My name is Savannah and I usually spend my time drinking over-sweetened coffee, scouring through bins of comics at my local comic book shop and watching way too much television. I’m from Austin, TX, the Live Music Capitol of the World. I think I’m lucky to have grown up in such a creative and diverse city, especially with the amazing art scene that surrounds all of Austin. This imaginative environment influenced my interests heavily, leading me to get into comics.


Comics and media have been two key things in my life. I’ve always loved to watch movies and television, which eventually led me into the world of comics. I grew up with the first renaissance of superhero films and television in the early 2000’s. There was Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy, the X-Men movies, Smallville and the animated Justice League series. I was only 15 when the first Avengers movie hit the big screen, changing my life forever. From Avengers, I began reading the comics that inspired the movies and tv shows.

I made this blog to get out my feelings about the portrayal of women in comics and how they’re greatly lacking. But as much as I complain, there’s also been some great strides in recent years with the representation of women in comics. The Big Two of comics, Marvel and DC, have began to realize that the world is not mostly white, straight men. Now, we’ve began to see more female characters with depth, that are women of color and LGBTQ. I wanted to join the movement of proving that comics aren’t just for white men, but for everyone.

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