Farewell (But Not Really)

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me living my life

I first created this blog for a semester-long project at school – but it’s become so much more than that. When I began getting into comics, I always wanted to talk about them. But to me, it felt like no other girls I knew were reading comics or thought them to not be something nerdy. As time has progressed, the comic book world has greatly expanded, but there is still a marginal difference in comic book culture of welcoming in female readers. This blog became my way of illustrating how I felt about the world’s current batch of comics, whether it be a great female character or a horrible mistake made by a comic book company.

For my FDOM class, I have to use this goodbye post as a way of analyzing what this blog project has taught me. So, let’s discuss what I’ve learned. The tools that were effective in this project were definitely social media because it helped my posts get recognized, even by large Twitter accounts like, Geeks of Color. The part of social media that wasn’t effective was certain platforms like Instagram, since you can’t do multiple links in your bio. Now, let’s look at some analytics. My most popular week was April 8th to April 12th, with a total of 18 views and 10 visitors. The most popular post was my “Who am I?” introduction post with a total of 2 views, which was probably poppin’ due to it being a way for my audience to know who I am and why I created this blog. None of this really surprised me, since this blog is pretty new and I don’t have a huge following on Twitter. But thanks to those two readers, ya’ll are the true MVPs.

From ‘Wonder Women’, I’ve learned how to find my voice in writing. Creating up to three posts within a month may seem easy from an outsider, but as a college student it takes up a lot more time than I expected. I still enjoyed creating the content on this blog, though, and have developed my writing style greatly in just the few short months since I’ve made ‘Wonder Women.’ I’m now able to easily create a story from a few ideas, instead of sitting for hours as I contemplate quitting school and becoming anything but a journalist.

This isn’t a goodbye post! I still expect to continue this blog and see where it’ll take me. I might take a break as summer approaches, but do not worry, this blog is going to still be my baby. I hope to create videos of me reviewing and rambling about everything comic book-related, since I prefer the video format tons more. You can also follow me on Twitter if you want to keep up with me and my nonsense. I’ll raise my arm in a fist-pump, Breakfast Club-style, and remind ya’ll: “Don’t you forget about me.”


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