My 5 Favorite Female-Led Comics of The Year (So Far)

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Hey readers! With summer being just beyond the horizon, that means more time to sit around and relax. I know as I head into finals week at college, I’m more than ready to sit by the pool and get back into reading something other than textbooks. So, I thought it would be a great idea to recommend a few of my favorite female comics from the last year to now. Put on some sunscreen, lean back in your lounge chair, and open up one of my recommendations!

america punching hitler
America #1 // Marvel Comics
  1. America by Gabby Rivera

Now, if you’ve already read my review over America, you would know I loved everything about it. Fairly new, this Marvel title focusing on universe traveller and badass, America Chavez, just came out this March. Since it’s just a baby of a comic, that means for all you rookie comic book readers who have no clue where to start, this is a great choice. Filled with the college antics of the no-shit taking America Chavez, the comic also portrays a positive picture of a queer Latinx superhero. America is such a fun character, and this title is what she’s deserved for years now.

Hawkeye #1 // Marvel Comics
  1.  Hawkeye by Kelly Thompson

Maybe you’re looking for a something to read with a little more mystery and a splash of snark? Well, Hawkeye is perfect for you. Taking inspiration from Veronica Mars, Kate Bishop has moved to the West Coast to start her detective agency. Donning the Hawkeye moniker and her bow, she banters her way into solving mysteries and helping her clients. What I love about this comic is that Kate is one scrappy superhero, using her wit and resourcefulness to get her out of tight situations. Seeing the shenanigans she gets herself involved in are hilarious, plus the story has a great set of side characters that aren’t hidden behind Kate’s shadow.

jade street protection services
Jade Street Protection Services #1 // Black Mask Studios
  1. Jade Street Protection Services by Katie Lex and Fabian Lelay

Witches have always been a favorite of mine. From The Craft to Practical Magic, I always wanted to know more about witches and what they would be doing in the 21st Century. Well, in “Jade Street Protection Services”, these witches are going to an elite private school where they’re honing their magical abilities. Mix in a dash of Breakfast Club hijinks and weird happenings throughout the school, and you get an unlikely group of teen witches who look to do more with their magic skills. Inspired and drawn in a manga style, the creators of the comic sought to include people of color, autistic, and queer women in a section of pop-culture they tend to not be represented in. The characters each have their own quirks and diverse personalities, making for different perspectives that keep you turning the page.

motor crush extra
Motor Crush #1 // Image Comics
  1. Motor Crush by Brenden Fletcher, Cameron Stewart, and Babs Tarr

Coming off their fun and bright take on Batgirl, Fletcher, Stewart, and Tarr decided it was high time to create a comic of their own. Mashing street-car racing and the cyberpunk illustrations by Tarr, Motor Crush is an exhilarating ride of splashy colors and well-crafted action scenes. While more boisterous than others on this list, it provides that summer-blockbuster feel to a single comic. Every new comic provides a deep cut of the futuristic racing world that might be inspired by such modern classics like Fast and the Furious.


slam character designs
Slam! character designs // BOOM! Box Comics
  1. Slam! By Pamela Ribon and Veronica Fish

My most recent grab on the list is this roller derby comic, which I only started a week ago. I’ve only read the first issue, but I’m already yearning to pick up the next comic. Slam! Gives comic readers an inside look to the world of roller derby and how it can influence women’s lives. Focusing on the two characters of Jennifer and Maisie, this comic follows their journey pre-roller derby, to their lives after joining a roller derby team. I love how Slam! Portrays roller derby as a place of women friendships and personal growth. I feel like this will become a tear-jerker later down the road, and I am more than ready to grab those boxes of Kleenex as I read along.
If you’re needing a new comic to grab or are wanting to find a place that you can begin reading comics, please pick up one of these titles! Each one of them has something different to offer. From superheroes, to street-car racing, these comics heavily feature great female characters with complex stories that will not seem like the same three storylines. Also, buying these comics helps support amazing female comic book writers and indie comics who deserve some recognition for their work. Hit me up on Twitter for more of my ramblings and lots of animal videos!


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