Batgirl Solo-Film Fancast

Hey guys! If you’ve been away from the internet for a few days, you may have missed Warner Bros. and DC Comics announcing some big news for a little character named Batgirl. Last week, Warner Bros. revealed that there was a Batgirl solo-movie in the works with Joss Whedon possibly writing, directing and producing the film. Even though a female director would be awesome, I do love a lot of Joss Whedon’s work, especially Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Just hearing this news has me so HYPED, so I thought I’d do a little fan casting for what characters I’d like to see in the DCEU alongside Batgirl.

  • Lindsey Morgan as Barbara Gordon // Batgirl

Joss Whedon has already mentioned that he would be directing a Batgirl movie focused on the main canon Batgirl, Barbara Gordon, which I think is a smart choice. Even though I adore Stephanie and Cass, Barbara is extremely central to many Batman storylines and the one Batgirl that many non-fans will recognize. Equipped with a photographic memory and some kickass fighting, Barbara is compassionate, determined and highly-intelligent. There have been rumors that Lindsey Morgan could be picking up the cape, to which I’d think she’d be an amazing Barbara. Her acting on The 100 as Raven has proven she can portray a character who is self-sufficient and strong, two necessary parts of Barbara’s character. I can imagine her delivering roundhouse kicks to the criminals of Gotham, while also infusing Barbara’s tech-savviness.

  • Zoe Kravitz as Dinah Lance // Black Canary

Black Canary being in a Batgirl movie is a must, due to her being one of Barbara’s closest friends and co-founding the Birds of Prey team with her. Zoe Kravitz is already badass enough, that her playing Dinah wouldn’t be so far-fetched to believe. Kravitz shares Dinah’s charm and outspokenness, and could also pull off a leather jacket like no one’s business. I would love if the DCEU Black Canary was based off the New-52 run by Brenden Fletcher and Annie Wu, where Dinah joins a rock band and continues to fight crime. This would make her wardrobe of fishnet tights and a leather jacket more reasonable, especially if she’s running straight from a concert to kicking in criminal’s teeth. This movie would be a perfect place to introduce Dinah and later establish a Birds of Prey film, something that has been rumored about in the past.

  • Ruth Negga as Helena Bertinelli // Huntress

If we’re already introducing Barbara and Dinah, why not finish the Birds of Prey trifecta and bring in Huntress? Focused on acquiring revenge to the mafia that killed her whole family, Helena doesn’t start off as your typical golden superhero. She has a moral code that consists of shades of gray, allowing her to kill those she deems deserve it. She eventually weens off killing, but her compassion for criminals is always turned to the lowest dial. Ruth Negga has shown that she can flirt with complicated morality in her characters, especially with her character on Preacher. Her portrayal of Huntress could bring the qualities of strength, vengeance and loyalty that make the character who she is.

  • Jesus Castro as Dick Grayson // Nightwing

There’s no one more constant in Barbara’s life than Dick Grayson. Not only has Dick been Barbara’s main love interest, but he’s also her greatest friend. Seeing them banter back and forth on the big screen would probably kill me, but my death would be greater if Dick wasn’t included in the movie. Dick is known to be witty and playful, with amazing acrobatic abilities and fighting skills learned from the one-and-only Batman. I chose Jesus Castro because I really want Nightwing’s Romani-heritage to not be erased, plus he looks a lot like the character already. He’s also capable of doing some amazing stunts and action sequences, which is required for Nightwing’s air-defying abilities.

  • Evan Rachel Wood // Poison Ivy

Introducing Poison Ivy as an anti-hero to Batgirl would be a great way to set up the character’s relationship before the Gotham City Sirens standalone film. Some people may think that having Joker as Batgirl’s enemy in the movie would make the most sense, due to their deep history. But I have some thoughts on Jared Leto’s Joker and would rather see a Gotham City Siren go against Batgirl. Evan Rachel Wood seems like the perfect choice for Ivy. Ever since I’ve seen her as Queen Sophie Anne on True Blood, my mind couldn’t picture anyone else. She’s capable of balancing Ivy’s sex appeal and her high-intelligence, but would also be able to convey her vulnerability. I am praying and begging that the DCEU sets up a Harley and Ivy relationship, allowing for bisexual representation and a healthy romance compared to Harley and Joker. Wood identifies as bisexual, which would be great in terms of an actual bisexual person taking on a bisexual character. Wood is a great actress and has prepared through her many roles to take on such a complex character like Poison Ivy.

I know this isn’t a long list of characters BY FAR, but these are really the main bunch that I’d like to see on the big screen. Some key characters I may be missing are Barbara’s father, Commissioner Gordon, and Batman himself. Since they’ve already been cast as the amazing J.K. Simmons and Ben Afleck, I thought there was really no point in fan casting roles that already have great actors in them. Hopefully we get to see some of these amazing characters in the movie and we hear casting news soon enough. I hope you guys enjoyed my take on the Batgirl characters and if you want to cry/rant/laugh about anything comic book related, hit me up on my Twitter!

(All comic book images belong to DC Comics)


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