Review: Motor Crush #1 Races Full Speed Ahead

There’s the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” In some cases, that is a heralded statement. In other situations, you should throw that idea out the window because that cover may be as electric and exciting as the inside of the book. The same can be said for the new sci-fi action comic, Motor Crush, written by Brenden Fletcher with art by Babs Tarr and Cameron Stewart. The first time my eyes passed over Motor Crush’s debut cover, with its splashes of neon pink across a monochrome, punk-attired girl on a motorcycle, I was hooked.

Motor Crush #1 Preview/Image Comics

“…Fletcher sets up an invigorating world filled withe interesting characters that the reader will remain intrigued by.”

Coming from the same creative team who revamped Batgirl in her New-52 series, Motor Crush #1 is brimming with the same high-energy and fun that was seen in Batgirl. The comic is set in a sci-fi future obsessed with motorcycle racing, centering on an up and coming league racer by the name of Domino Swift, who tends to dabble in the dangerous underground world of street-races. In its first issue, Fletcher sets up an invigorating world filled with interesting characters that the reader will remain intrigued by. What really amps up the comic though is Babs Tarr’s wonderfully playful artwork. Each scene is brought to life with her use of neon colors and cyberpunk-aesthetics, especially in the action scenes, bringing life to an already energized comic. As important as the action is, I hope they will not lose the plot in an exhausted amount of action scenes as the comic progresses.

For a first issue, this comic was so exhilarating! I really love the Fast and the Furious/Scott Pilgrim vibes I’m getting from Motor Crush so far. The main character of Domino seems kickass and a lot more interesting than the audience is made to believe. I can’t wait to delve more into the sci-fi aspects that the comic is offering, especially the mysterious drug known as Crush. If you’d like to buy the comic, check out this link to Comixology for a digital copy or pick up a paper copy at your local comic book shop/bookstore!

(Header art by Babs Tarr/Image Comics)


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